Meet Ryan

Ryan was inspired by his very first Structural Integration course back in 2013 at the Massage Therapy Institute of Davis and dove deep into the study. 


He has studied with many prominent Rolfing Structural Integration Therapists including Marty Morales, Art Riggs, Bob Robinson, Kevin McCoy, Neal Anderson, Lisa Biow, Meg Whitman, Per Haaland, and Nobuko. After graduating from the Morales Method of Manual Therapy & Body Conditioning with certification as a Morales Method Core Integration Therapist in 2013, he opened a small Structural Integration business in Downtown Sacramento where he practiced and honed his craft over the years. After receiving guidance from a close mentor and local Rolfing legend Robert Robinson, Ryan enrolled in and graduated from the Rolf Institute of Structural integration, becoming a Certified Rolfing Structural Integration Therapist. In addition to his Rolfing career, Ryan has taught over 1000 hours of Yoga classes since 2010 at Yoga Shala, One Flow Yoga, and The Yoga Seed Collective and completed extensive Buddhist studies in philosophy and meditation, earning the title of Maroke.


Ryan brings a strong understanding of anatomical knowledge, postural alignment, and myofascial techniques to his Rolfing sessions.