"Ryan is fantastic! He is professional, very knowledgeable about anatomy, kind, inquisitive and makes you feel comfortable. After my first session with Ryan, an odd hip pain I'd been experiencing for months was immediately gone! Such a relief! The session was approximately 75 mins. It was peaceful and relaxing, while also being physically effective. If you're considering a session with Ryan, do it!"


"Ryan is most skilled and thoughtful bodyworker I have met. I had a laundry list of aches, pops, tension, and strength imbalances. One by one Ryan has either improved or resolved them completely. The work Ryan does is not like a massage, where you feel better the next day after but the tension returns. Ryan's work is LASTING and powerful. My body feels organized, as if every part is in its proper place. I can move more freely than ever before. I feel stronger with less effort. Incredibly I even breath deeper! I could not have anticipated how deep and meaningful an effect working with Ryan would have. He has changed my relationship with my body, I feel incredible. Thank you Ryan!"


"I been receiving massages on/off for the last three years due to shoulder and joint pain. It was accidental that I came across Ryan but it seemed to be one of nature's silent gifts. Ryan takes time to individually evaluate me before each session.  He targets muscles and tissue that is causing restrictions in my movement and flexibility. One session in particular, Ryan freed up my right shoulder joint after about ten minutes of work. I was unable to throw with that shoulder before the session. Afterwards, I was throwing without restriction and without fear of injury. Kaiser has  yet to diagnose my shoulder and I have abandoned any hope of treatment with Kaiser. Thank you for all your help Ryan!"


I found Ryan through Kris Shevlin physical therapy ( Kris is AMAZING as well) I have tendon "tibular dysfunction in my left ankle (tendons do not support ankle)  and a right hip gluteus  minimus  and labrum tear...I walked funny and was in pain...for years!!! The difference is astounding. What he does is very unique...he works with the fascia throughout your body to relieve tightness and tension and free up the natural movement of your body...kind of hard to explain but it works!! ...he is truly  a medical intuitive. If you have ongoing aches and pains and can't figure it out...go to him!!




"I've been going to Ryan for a few months now for the Rolfing 10 series. I am loving the results. So far I feel more balanced, sturdy and stronger throughout my body. I began with light but deep pain pretty much everywhere. Already, there's no pain left in my body. The corrections I've seen in my posture have also helped my performance during workouts. I couldn't be happier! If you've been lookin for a Rolfer or been curious about what it is, give Ryan a call!"


"My experience so far with Ryan has been fantastic. He puts thought, effort, and compassion into his bodywork and I have seen results only after 2 sessions. He has released areas of tension in my body I didn't even realize were there and I feel so much better and motivated to continue taking care of myself. I would recommend Ryan to anyone suffering from areas of tension and tightness, lower back pain, or anyone looking to become more intentional in caring for their bodies."


"Ryan is a miracle. Back and neck issues going back years as a result of an auto-accident had deeply hindered my mobility. Ryan's skill across a variety of modalities has helped me to regain comfort and mobility in my daily life.


"Ryan's knowledge of fascia and its inner dynamics is superb.  Ryan's skill as a body worker (Rolfer) has both an intuitive and scientific nature.  Ryan has an ability to asses the mechanics of human anatomy and use his touch to unwind negative holding patterns in the body. I have seen Ryan three times for Rolfing and I plan on continuing to see him. He has released restrictions in my feet that I have had for most of my life.  With the fascia release of my feet; it has enabled me to hold my posture in a more aligned upright position. It's my observation that Ryan is passionate and dedicated to helping his clients obtain freedom of movement so they can be pain free."